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This is my first blog

As I said I would start a new story today.

Story of a girl who never believed in love and fell in love.

Love is a very beautiful feeling just live it.

“Happy birthday , nani(grandma) ” said bella. It’s my 65th birthday. Don’t know were did the time disappear. Today when I see back I remember my struggle and his as well.

“Dadi, let’s cut the cake everyone is waiting”, Kabir

Dadi you said you will share your story to us, this would be your return gift, said bella.

First we will cut the cake and then listen to her story OK kids.

He is the most important person in the world to me. I will introduce him but later.

I am granny now and my grandchildrens want me to share my story.

Nani (grandma) please tell fast I am very excited won’t be able to wait, said siya.

I was born in middle class Indian family in Maharashtra. I was born in markari family who used to pray to Lord Vitthal.

My family was huge, as we were joint family there were 30 members in my family. My grandfather was the head of the family as well as village. He used to take all decisions of the house. No one dare to deny him or his words.

No one dares to speak in front of him. If someone does so he would get strict punishment.

Remaining story in next blog 🙏

Hope you like it.


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