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Blog 2

Continuing story

As my grandfather was very strict no one dares to speak in front of him. On the other hand all the ladies of my house were very sweet and completely different from my grandfather. But being in village and member of the village head family we would have to follow the rules very carefully.

I used to spend a lot of time with ladies in kitchen and used to watch how they cook delicious food. In our village it was a rule that women should cover their face with their pallus. I don’t know why this rubbish thing was to be followed.

My father’s job was in railways , when I was small he got transferred to Mysore. When we shifted to Mysore first thing I remembered that, my grandfather’s strict rules though he was strict but now I realise that it was all for us, so that we could get good values.

Before coming to my Mysore life I would like to tell you that my family is not anymore a huge family, after my grandparents death all my uncle and their family shifted at different places.

When we shifted to Mysore we were just family of four. As I was village girl, Mysore norms were different as compared to village . In my new house my mother only used to cook at that moment I remembered my all the aunts whose faces I never seen.

Further story in after noon. 🙏


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